Before entering the competition, please make sure you have read and understood all rules. In case of non-compliance with the following rules, the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the entry up to 2 months after the end of the competition.

Detailed regulations regarding the championships can be found in each category in the Regulations tab.

Details regarding the application conditions (which are part of the applicable regulations) can be found in each category in the tab: Grading scale, Guidelines, Specification and Verification.

Consent to use the model's image: download

  1. The competition takes place in digital form on the platform.
  2. The start date and end date of registration are given in each championship category.
  3. The competition jury will evaluate the submitted entries after the date specified in each category.
  4. Only adults with appropriate qualifications in the field of permanent makeup and registered Users of the website can take part in the competition.
  5. The condition for participation in the competition is to pay an entry fee.
  6. To participate in the competition, you must send the required number of photos specified in the Specification tab (plus: a certificate confirming qualifications and a verification photo)
  7. An entry submitted for the PMU Championship - Poland Grand Prix must be an original work, made independently. This applies not only to the pigmentation itself, but also to its presentation in the submitted works. Therefore, the support of a professional photographer, make-up artist or stylist is prohibited.
  8. The competition entry cannot be previously published in magazines, leaflets, brochures, websites or social media. It cannot be made public before the results of the Championship are announced. If the Organizers find the photos submitted to the championship on social media, the Competition Participant will be disqualified and will not be entitled to a refund of the costs of participation in the competition.
  9. The entry cannot be used in previous or subsequent industry competitions.
  10. A person who is an employee or collaborator of the Organizer, Judge or Sponsor of the competition cannot participate in the competition.
  11. Persons who had the status of a judge in previous editions of the Championship can only take part in the PMU Champions category of the currently open edition.
  12. The participant arranges accessories and other products necessary for makeup on their own.
  13. The original packaging of cosmetics and other products cannot be included in the competition photos.
  14. The competition organizer is not responsible for the method of performing the procedure that results in the competition entry photos. The competition participant undertakes to make every effort to ensure that the procedure is carried out in accordance with occupational health and safety rules and all rules and regulations of the profession performed.
  15. The image of a person with competition makeup submitted by the Championship Participant will be disseminated on the website and the official championship profiles on Facebook and Instagram.
  16. The Participant declares that he/she has written consent of the persons whose image is shown in the photograph with makeup for the dissemination of the image of these persons by the Organizer in the following scope: dissemination of the image on the website and the official profiles of the championship on Facebook and Instagram.
  17. Before the procedure, the Participant is obliged to conduct a thorough interview and qualify the model for the treatment based on the client's card, which is the property of the Participant.
  18. Under no circumstances may the participant contact the championship jurors.
  19. The competition jury will evaluate the competition entries taking into account the criteria provided in the "Grading scale" tab.
  20. The final classification of the submitted work is the average of the points awarded by the judging panel for each evaluation criterion.
  21. The winner of each competition category will be the Participant with the most points.
  22. In the event of a tie, additional points are awarded by the Line Judge appointed by the Competition Organizer.
  23. The final decision on the results rests with the Judges and Organizers.
  24. Prizes will be awarded only if the number of competition entries in a given division exceeds 10. If the minimum number of entries in a given division is not met, the Participant will have the right to choose a different category (matching his/her seniority) or will receive a refund to the indicated account.
  25. The winners will receive prizes for the first three places. Information about prizes can be found in the "Prizes" tab. Each Championship Participant receives a certificate confirming participation in the PMU Championship - Poland Grand Prix.
  26. Prizes cannot be exchanged or exchanged for a cash equivalent in the case of prizes in kind or any other type of benefit. The winner may not transfer the rights to collect the awarded Prize to third parties. In the case of Rewards such as Voucher, online course, individual consultation, etc. the validity and completion date are determined by the Sponsor's individual regulations.
  27. The Organizer reserves the right to randomly verify the certificates of the Competition Participants at the stage of accepting the competition application and to fully verify the certificates of the Participants who took the first three places in individual categories.
  28. Selected competition photos will also be digitally analyzed using a specialized application using artificial intelligence, which allows detecting changes made with graphic programs such as Photoshop.
  29. The competition organizer may disqualify Participants who violate the above competition rules or do not comply with the points contained in the "Regulations" tab of each Championship Category. Disqualification may also occur in the event of violating the "Service Regulations".
  30. The organizers reserve the right to change the deadlines for submitting works and to change the date for announcing the results.

  1. All entries must include a certain number of before and after photos. Details about the uploaded photos can be found in the tabs of individual categories.
  2. The appearance of the competition works must refer to the main theme of the category and division. The interpretation of the topic is left to the Participant.
  3. Make sure you have selected the correct division, if you have selected the wrong one by mistake, please contact us no later than 48 hours after paying for your application.
  4. As part of fair play, all Participants may take part in each category only once (this applies to one edition of the Championship).
  5. When submitting photos, remember that each category requires a different set of photos. Before adding photos, check the Specification tab in the selected category.
  6. The participant applies permanent makeup on the model of their choice using any pigmentation technique.
  7. Participants may not use anesthesia at the end of treatments or apply lotions, etc. to the pigmented area for photos. The photographed work must be clean and washed.
  8. For photos, the model is sitting or standing, she cannot rest her head on a chair, wall or other surface.
  9. Photos must be taken on a plain white background. The white background changes shade depending on the time of day or light setting, but it is still a neutral background. Photos with a background other than white will not be accepted for the competition.
  10. Submitted photos cannot be edited in graphics programs, they must be of good quality, without logos and watermarks. Photos that are blurry, graphically edited or modified in any way will be disqualified.
  11. Before and after photos must be taken with the same phone/camera, they cannot be taken with a device/application with a beautification function.
  12. Photos must be taken with open and closed eyes, in the case of pigmentation of eyebrows or lips, mascara is allowed / or false eyelashes if the model wears them every day.
  13. Model cannot wear make-up on her entire face after the procedure.
  14. Each application must include a certificate confirming the Participant's qualifications. A photo of the certificate should be attached as a verification photo in the initial part of the application. Based on it, the Organizer will decide whether to accept the application. The certificate is necessary only to verify the Participant's work experience. It will not be visible to the Judges or other Competition Participants. Make sure the date on your certificate is visible and consistent with the division you are competing in.
  15. In order to check the authenticity of the work, one of the submitted photos must have a heart painted with a makeup pencil on the selected cheek of the model. The heart can be painted both before and after the procedure. Failure to provide such a photo will result in disqualification of the entry.
  16. For the application to be complete, the Participant must include a description of the work (skin type, pigmentation technique, own comments and observations) in the comment to the application. The description must not include the names of companies of pigments, devices or other items used. The description should contain a maximum of 5 sentences.
  17. The Championship includes the following divisions (age categories): GRADUATE - up to one year (a certificate of completion of the first training must be attached); MASTER – from 1 to 3 years (a certificate of completion of the first training must be attached); EXPERT – people with experience of over 3 years and permanent makeup trainers (any certificate confirming professional qualifications).
  18. Months are also counted in determining the length of service (GRADUATE AND MASTER categories). Check exactly how much time passes on the day of registration (payment for the competition) from the date of your first training in a given batch: eyebrows, lips or eyelids. Example: 13 months have passed since the first training, you are already in the MASTER category. However, if it turns out that you are still training, you change the category to the highest one, i.e. EXPERT. Because in the Expert category there are also trainers and here the length of service does not matter. If you have already pigmented a given part: eyebrows, lips or eyelids for over 36 months, your category is EXPERT. People with longer experience cannot lower the category. However, if a GRADUATE or MASTER wants to compete in a higher category, it is not prohibited.