Choose your division!

To create a fair play competition, we have divided our categories into divisions - which correspond to your skill level.

Before applying, check which division you belong to! This is a very important stage, incorrect division selection may result in disqualification.

Dyvision “Absolwent”

The Graduate Division is for people who have been pigmenting for no longer than 1 year, are at the beginning of their adventure with permanent makeup and decided to test their skills for the first time.

In the Graduate we will check your first certificate and if less than a year has passed from the date of obtaining it to the date of payment of the application, you will be accepted to the group of Graduates.

We are extremely happy to welcome all beginners who always bring a lot of creativity and a breath of fresh air to our competitions.

Dyvision “Master”

Master is dedicated to people who professionally deal with permanent makeup, pigment from 1 to 3 years. If you are pigmented in this time frame then this division is just for you!

A prerequisite to participate in this division is to submit your certificate. We count the time between the date of obtaining the document and the date of paying for the application.

 We are sure that we will receive amazing works from you - which we can't wait for.

Dyvision “Expert”

Expert is a division designed for professionals whose experience with pigmentation exceeds 3 years and for people who train in permanent makeup.

The criterion for participation is the date of obtaining the first certificate or the fact of conducting PMU training.

Show off your incredible talent and experience. Compete with Industry Experts and win the title of the Internet Master of Pigmentation.

Dyvision “Open”

Open is for all our participants, there are no restrictions here - your seniority, the number of certificates or statuettes won, the status of an educator or lack of it is not important. Only the skills of the participants are important.

That is why in this division we do not check your work experience, we only need a certificate to confirm the qualifications of a linergist..

Anyone can participate and win the title of Champion. If you feel that the subject of the category interests you, then you are welcome.

Dyvision “Winners Only”

WINNERS ONLY is dedicated only to the winners, people who have already participated in the Permanent Makeup Competition in their career and won a place on the podium.

The condition for participation in this division will be providing the organizers with a diploma confirming your achievements. What counts are stationary or online competitions, domestic and foreign. First to third places, grand prix diplomas or special mentions

Here you compete with the best, play in our Champions League and continue your winning streak.

Good luck!