Marta Ziółkowska-Serafin
Marta Ziółkowska-Serafin
An empath from Krakow, with the gift of understanding and finding connections between seemingly completely different phenomena. Intrigued by the uniqueness of each person. Cosmetologist, educator, and graduate of the School of Fashion Design.

Associated with the BEAUTY industry since 2012. Permanent makeup and medical pigmentation trainer. He conducts lectures, trainings and show pigmentations at important Beauty events in Poland. Author of numerous articles, blog texts and interviews for prestigious magazines and for PMU companies.

Multiple juror of national and international championships at PMU. The official and only trainer of the KWADRON company, with whom she conducts a series of away conferences "Trasa Kwadron PMU"
in major cities in Central Europe. From 2020, she hosts the "Table Talk" series of webinars on PMU issues with artists from around the world. In 2021, she was awarded an elite, international group: PERMA BLEND SELECT TEAM.

As a permanent make-up specialist, she is engaged to participate in television programs. Member of the "Kinsugi" foundation, where she helps patients with facial deformities together with a doctor. Originator of numerous technical solutions in the PMU-Tech skin pigmentation equipment segment, thanks to which she created many innovative and original techniques. Awarded with the international Make-up Pro artist and Beauty Metamorphosis certificates.

Privately, a happy wife and mother of two children. She cannot imagine her life without dancing and music.