Milena Gronczewska-Zientarska
Milena Gronczewska-Zientarska
Founder of the two most popular Training Academies in ToruĊ„, Gronczewska Pmu&Academy, which have the status of Institutions of the Ministry of National Education.

Licensed Trainer of Permanent Makeup and Eye Frames, with many years of experience and pedagogical preparation, Student of Cosmetology. Over the 8 years of running the Training Academy, several thousand trainees have benefited from its training, who successfully run their own offices.

Speaker at conferences in the Beauty Industry, multiple Winner and Judge of the Championships in the field of Permanent Makeup and Eyelash Styling, author of articles in industry magazines.
Champion of Permanent Makeup of Eyebrows in the highest Expert Ombre Brows category and 2nd Vice-Champion in the Semi-Final of the WULOP 2021 World Championships.