Zuzanna Czeczot
Zuzanna Czeczot
A linergist with the soul of an artist, loving drawing from an early age, which she has been developing throughout her life and now uses her skills in permanent makeup, with a hyper-realistic method of hair. From the very beginning of her work as a linergist, her horse has been machine hair.

After 7 years of working in the industry, she developed her own Rêvés Brows technique, i.e. dream eyebrows. Wanting to create a form of micropigmentation called "Makeup NO Makeup". Currently, he travels around the world, spreading knowledge and training in his original method. In the coming months you can meet her in France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, England, Greece and Brazil.

He also specializes in creating the currently most decent content on the Internet, the so-called. Reels. Recently, together with her husband, she launched an ONLINE TRAINING on running social media and rolls.

Her main drive and inspiration in her private and professional life is FAMILY - her husband and two small children.