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Why is it worth taking part in the Championships?

Develop your career
Are you starting in the industry? Are you an experienced linergist? Have you already been successful? Don't stop, the next stage of your career is ahead of you. Prove that nothing can stop you.
Master your skills
Competition motivates us to achieve even better results, is an additional stimulus for development and draws our attention to the details that characterize champions.
Expand your business
Make your skills credible in the eyes of your clients. Confirm your qualifications by evaluating them with the greatest authorities in the industry. Trust yourself so others can trust you.
Build a personal brand
Competence, consistency and commitment - create your image so as to stand out in the Beauty industry. It's up to you how you will be perceived.
Believe in yourself
Do you avoid challenges for fear of failure, are embarrassed by others, or are you consumed by stage fright at live events? Gain confidence in the Online Championship.
Join the Elite
The exclusive group of our championships connects participants, judges, coaches, sponsors, VIPs and stars of the scene. Be part of our world and introduce yourself to others.
Get to know the opinions of others
Listen to the advice of experienced linergists, accept the criticism of specialists and evaluate your qualifications. You will discover your strengths and discover your weaknesses.
Become a Champion
Experience the taste of victory and positive emotions. Enjoy your success, praise your achievements and get rewards. Championship winners are an inspiration for others and fulfillment for themselves.

Thank you for being with us !!!

Great emotions, inspiring competition and above all a huge dose of positive energy 🥰 I can sleep peacefully, as I always judged according to my heart and conscience - honestly and fairly. Thank you very much to the organizers for the beautiful statuette from this event. A great souvenir 😘😘
I applied for the shaded line championship, this is the most difficult area of pigmentation where precision reigns. Competing with people many times exceeding my experience and years of work, I managed to get 1th place 🥇🏆.
Dreams come true but you have to work for them. I would like to thank you very much - For the wonderful FAIR event in which I was able to participate - Permanent MakeUp CompeteeOn.
"This is an amazing championship in a completely different style than before. The first online championship of this type in Poland. Therefore, congratulations to the organizers for such a great event"
If you want to test your skills, submit to the Jury's assessment, have fun and win cool prizes, I invite you cordially.
I encourage everyone to take part in the championship. I think it's worth trying your hand and fighting for prizes.
I won a very important title for me - 2nd Vice-Champion in the ART open category of permanent makeup. I faced the masters and experts in this industry. The podium is a great honor for me. Thank you very much to the organizers and judges 🏆🥉🥰
Believe in yourself / plan everything carefully from the model to the technique of getting the job done / take it easy / act!
Thank you to everyone who supported me, the organizers of the championship and the competition that presented a high level 💙 ❣️ Dreams come true 🎉
It was a pleasure to judge... 🥇 🥈 🥉 Congratulations to all participants 🏆 It's worth taking part in such an event, checking yourself out, and such a form of presenting your work as PHOTOS is necessary these days.
Thank you for such a special honor! Second place in the permanent makeup championship PMU Competeeon pl
Thank you for the opportunity to test yourself in the championship. Even though I didn't take any place. opinions and scores from the jurors will be very important to me as a person taking my first steps in PMU.
Choose the right model, ❤️ make a perfect drawing, ❤️ choose the right color, ❤️ make it perfect - the best you can ❤️
And it happened, I took 3rd place in the Master category, I was judged by the best and most famous lingerists in Poland, it is a great honor for me, especially since I have been taking care of my lips since June, I am proud of myself, I am happy that life gives me such development opportunities ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Participation in the Championship perfectly mobilizes you to act and improve your skills when you know that your works will be evaluated by the best Linergists from Poland and the world.
🏆🥉 I would like to inform you that I managed to get 3th place at the Polish Online Permanent Makeup Championships. It is a great honor for me, motivation to further develop and improve my skills! Thank you to the Organizers, all Judges and Sponsors.
I would like to thank the organizers @pmu.mistrzostwa as well as the jurors and sponsors for the opportunity to test my strength and gain valuable feedback for the future!!! ♥️
Girls, I encourage you to participate in the Championships, you can do a lot. We are waiting for your submissions.
I would also like to thank the organizers of the championship for putting their whole heart into organizing this project and creating the most fair competition possible, with clear and clear rules ❤️
The first such event I attended. I am totally motivated and driven to continue, thank you for appreciating my work 🤍
Every bad, demotivating word drove me to act and to show that everything is possible, all you need is hard work and self-belief. We are all smiths of our fate and we decide what we do with our experiences
Thank you very much for the opportunity to judge in the next edition of the Competeeon championship. It was a great pleasure and honor for me. Thank you for the beautiful souvenir in the form of a statuette and a diploma. Congratulations to all the winners - a fair and well-deserved win.
Competition permanent lips, using the 3D lips method, were rated the best among all participants in the PMU Championships in the Lips category 😍 1st place 💋🥇🏆💋
I managed to take 1st place in the master brows category. 🖤🏆 I would like to thank the organizers and the jury for appreciating my work. I am very pleased 😘🖤
Another progress behind me ❤ Maybe not on the podium but I'm glad that 👉 I dared 👉 I took my time. Thank you to the judges for such great comments 👌 this is another motivation ❤
It is an honor and a great pleasure to judge in your championships
Thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a brilliant event! This is another unbelievable experience in my life! ♥️
There are moments of happiness in life, the ones that stay with you forever ❤️🥈 Hearing your name in the online championships.pmu conference is the moment of my dreams come true. Thank you for the opportunity and participation in the championship 💪
Show your style, don't copy anyone! Create the make-up that you would feel best in, while maintaining all the necessary conditions to create the perfect make-up adapted to the type of beauty and shape of the model's face.
I am very happy that I took part in this championship. Although you don't always win, because the competition is as numerous as it is good, I gave my best in my work 😉
I am very happy and grateful that I could be a part of the pmu championship. As a judge, I have made every effort to ensure that my assessment is fair and objective. Congratulations to all participants, each participation in the championship is development ❤
It's always worth trying
I invite all linergists to participate. This is a great opportunity to test your skills without the pressure of the audience or time. I keep my fingers crossed for the participants, good luck. ✊🏽
I took first place at the online championship in the PMU Art category, the aim of which was to present permanent makeup in a creative way. ♥️ I won the title of Internet Master of Pigmentation! This is the first such championship in my career.
🥈🥈🥈 2nd place at the Polish Online Championships 🏆🏆🏆. This is a great distinction for me and motivation for further development 💪 Thank you to the jury for appreciating my work, the organizers for creating a fair championship and congratulations to all my competitors on their beautiful work!
Great championship, thank you to the organizers for this great project 😀 Unforgettable experience, unique emotions and a fantastic adventure 💙🥳😋
Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful event
Such competitions and championships open your eyes to many things, even to the fact that you have to work even more to achieve what you want ... and humility ❤️ Thank you for the opportunity to test yourself in the eyes of the judges and the greatest jurors of Poland @pmu.mistrzostwa.✨
And it happened, I took 3rd place in the Master category, I was judged by the best and most famous lingerists in Poland, it is a great honor for me, especially since I have been taking care of my lips since June, I am proud of myself, I am happy that life gives me such opportunities development ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I entered the championships mainly to get feedback from the jurors, to see what I can improve and improve in my work. The results of the championship surprised me, the more I was extremely happy!
I am impressed by the organization of the championships and I am incredibly happy that I will be taking part with such great people. 😍 It will be a great experience and fun.😘😘
Recently pigmented. I took part in the championship to test my skills☺️

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